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ERH1012 DEBUTS deadofnight
Helena Christensen & Elizabeth Gaynes launch Oudh-based perfume oil

New York, March 13, 2014 — ERH1012, a new paradigm in fragrance boutiques, today announced the launch of its first scent, deadofnight, an enticing perfume oil for both men and women based on large amounts of pure and natural oudh extract. 

deadofnight is handcrafted perfume oil that contains no alcohol. It is a complex, lingering scent imbued with the seductive power of oudh; a precious, aromatic, dark and animalistic wood resin,” said founder Elizabeth Gaynes. “Unlike sprays, perfume oils must be applied with care. deadofnight provides a more involved, thoughtful and sensual experience than you get from a quick blast of perfume spray. deadofnights potency invites you to carefully consider where to apply it.”
ERH1012 uses exceptionally large amounts of 100% pure and natural, untreated and unclarified, Oudh extract, thanks to its unique involvement with probably the largest sustainable oudh plantation on the planet, located in Borneo, Malaysia. The fragrance also includes bright notes of bergamot and ginger combined with the elegance of violet leaves, middle notes of jasmine and rose; and base notes of amber, sandalwood and incense. Absorbed slowly into the skin, their special alchemy creates a more enduring and deeply personal effect. 

“When you first try deadofnight,” said Helena Christensen, the company’s creative director, “your senses are stimulated in the most magical way, you are simply transfixed by its power. The scent is a  combination of optimistic light, with a fresh brightness and depth.”
Renowned Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel expressed “ It was exciting to resuscitate a forgotten composition initiated by Master Perfumer, Jacques Cavalier. To be able to ignite this scent further and bring it to completion has been very interesting.  The result being a vibrant structure that would still shine on the skin despite the darkness of so much of that precious wood resin” said Laudamiel.

The first edition of deadofnight has a limited production of numbered 20 mL glass bottles. Each bottle is unique; its number in the series is hand-engraved onto the glass. deadofnight arrives wrapped in linen and encased in a wooden box. The perfume is also available in a 10 mL roll-on glass bottle and a 1.25 mL glass bottle. 
It can be purchased online at and MiN New York haute parfumerie & atelier (117 Crosby Street, SoHo, New York City; MiN.COM).  

About ERH1012 
Founded in 2013 by Elizabeth Gaynes, ERH1012 focuses on the production of truly artisanal perfumes. Crafted by hand in small batches, these oil-based fragrances offer an exquisite alternative to the alcohol-based sprays that dominate the industry. 

Elizabeth has built her career financing, advising and marketing emerging companies. Her business background, extensive work in the fragrance industry and commitment to sustainable business practices form the core of ERH1012. She is also a founder and director of GaiaOne, a company dedicated to developing sustainable plantations for the flavors and fragrance industry.

, Creative Director
Helena is a photographer, writer and philanthropist with a high profile in the fashion world for more than 20 years. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and publications, and she is a global photographer for Oxfam. In addition to contributing her stunning photography to help define the ERH1012 image, Helena works closely with Elizabeth on the brand identity and marketing strategy.

, Master Perfumer
Christophe is internationally recognized for pioneering the development of scent as the next frontier in contemporary art and emotional expressions. He is widely acclaimed as the creator of a few of the world’s most renowned perfumes. Some of his seminal work premiered at the release of the movie “Perfume” (Sueskind/Tykwer/Mugler), or at the New York and Bilbao Guggenheim Museums with the first-ever Scent Opera. He has created projects for the Davos World Economic Forum and the London Royal Botanical Gardens, and presented at Harvard, Cornell, Columbia and, the University of Arts in Berlin. His work is catalogued at Harvard and at the International Perfume Museum in Grasse.

For additional information, please contact Elizabeth Gaynes, President ERH1012 LLC.

+1 310 500 9009,  

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