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You gave me a sample of dead of night and I'm absolutely obsessed.  The first moment I put it on, it took me a second to understand it. It was sweet but foreign.  But after wearing it for an hour or so I literally fell in love with it and didn't want to wear anything else.

Thank you! By the way... I love it!! It's unique and smells terrific. :)
Everyone compliments me on it :)

That is one very cool blend!
I envisioned lining up all the ingredients single file on a forest forest floor and making it into a stick of dynamite and the scent boomed into a bonfire for the initial impression! Bam! Echoing oud off the trees and dirt!
Eventually, the floracy climbed out the ground burning long and slow, fragrant embers crackling on the skin. Very nice!
Beautiful work Christophe!
Marian Bendeth
Global Fragrance Expert
Sixth Scents
The Art of Fragrance

The other night I was at an art opening in London. I'd dabbed some Dead of Night behind my ears before I went.
Hours later I had two people approach me in the gallery (a man and a woman - one a stranger!) to ask what I was wearing. They were so entranced by the smell. :)

Just wanted to thank you for that GORGEOUS magic potion !!!!
I absolutely love it !!

I tried it yesterday!!! Very, very interesting..I think it might well be my signature scent...


First of all, I wanted to say that I am wearing your perfume on this trip and it has been such a fabulous experience!


I cannot live without it
I can hardly wait to get it
I am addicted
I put it on before I go to bed and smell it myself
It does something to me
It is special and rare and where it comes from

It's unique and I like that. I am fond of jasmine and rose but the musk whatever it is that ascents it well and does not over power the floral mix. Which is great!
Thank you for creating something divine.

It is FABULOUS!!!!!!!! :-)))) I've worn it every day & people have NOTICED! they ask me what it is, and where can they get it? i am your biggest sales rep and educator about perfume oils!

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I am totally stunned. First
I could not got to bed without dead
of night, then I fell in love with melt my heart and wore both of them at the same time. Now I am obsessed with Silence the sea and I can’t stop
Wearing it. I wear the necklace and keep putting it on. I feel like having a love affair with my strangelove scents. I feel I am cheating on dead of night and melt my heart wearing Silence the sea. Lifts me up and surprises you all day as it unfolds.

Carola Mack February 18, 2017

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