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"Thank you for the prompt response.  I am very happy to hear it will be arriving Tuesday as I am leaving town for three weeks starting on Wednesday and cannot imagine not having it as I am completely out!  I do love deadofnight immensely.  So so many people stop me and ask me what I'm wearing - there is just nothing like it - at least not in Boise Idaho....=)"


"I want you to know that I had the best dreams last night. I am convinced it’s because meltmyheart was still on the back of my hand…even after washing up—it lasted and lasted!!!!!! Obsessed!!!!!!!!!!!"

“I cannot say enough good things about both deadofnight and meltmyheart. I have been a collector of fragrances for a while moving from Chanel to Creed and then other oils and these two scents are off the chain. This might sound corny, but on days when I have felt particularly down I put on melt my heart and it buoys my mood and spirit :-) not to mention the compliments.

I just love them both so much! For sure, I'm a lifer of your brand. Just outstanding.”


“I received the order today when I came into work and I am truly blown away!  I love both fragrances, and esp. deadofnight - I already know that it will become my new signature scent. I can't wait for the launch of silencethesea this summer! I am so excited and thrilled by this purchase. Thank you again.”


“I have purchased your deadofnight perfume before on a whim, and have fallen in love with the scent. I am very curious about your other scent, meltmyheart given my infatuation with Oudh and your intoxicating scent…”


“It's been a pleasure and honor meeting you and being introduced to your new niche company and line of fragrance which we both adored and sure that it will win a great success ... Many thanks to you and looking forward seeing you and rewarding myself buying more and more of your distinctive awesome fragrances…”


“The top notes provide me with an unfamiliar made me curiously continue to smell it in a positive way. I realize it was the violet leaf, which I am drawn to now. The heart, is extremely feminine with your jasmine and rose leading me to find this suitable for my fiancé.  However, this quickly morphed into the incense, powdery scent of the base notes which I personally love on myself and on woman I find attractive.  It has a mysterious and seductive aura.  Your version is light enough to be worn during the day in summer and is still fitting for an evening out. It has been on my skin for 4 hours and it's lasting scent is absorbing. Usually i like my attars to last at least 8 hours.  Yours with a lighter scent may not, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. An applause to you and your team, especially Christophe Laudamiel.”


“I have to say, since trying your deadofnight, I have yet to find ANY other oudh perfume that comes close to the complexity and allure of that scent…I have purchased your deadofnight perfume before on a whim, and have fallen in love with the scent…

meltmyheart is wonderful and so complex - unlike anything else in my collection. And you're right.. it's a lot different from deadofnight as well! The night I met my boyfriend, I was wearing deadofnight. I can't wait to see what he says about this :) I'll be reordering when these 2 are empty.”


"Can’t wait to receive my deadofnight! I went fragrance shopping while I was there in NY and in my book, nothing could compare or beat it!! Please keep me informed of the new fragrances coming out. I’m really excited for them! Wishing you the best in all your endeavors!!"


"I just wanted to say that on a whim, I ordered deadofnight after reading a description in Lucky magazine. I knew I was taking a huge risk, ordering a perfume without even smelling it, but, after reading about it I had a strong hunch that it would be my new favorite, and I was SO RIGHT! I can't get enough of it, it is unlike anything else I have ever smelled, and I get unsolicited compliments on it ALL THE TIME! I almost hate to tell people what it is because I sort of want to keep the secret to myself, but on the other hand I love it too much not to share it with anyone and everyone who cares to know. I never ever write stuff like this, but the truth is that I never feel as strongly about a product as I do about this one. Thanks so so much!"


"I've always loved Oud, just never on myself...your beautiful creation is glowing, translucent, luminous and addictive...I can't stop smelling my skin...I may look a bit weird the next few days!"


"I have been wearing your amazing Oudh everyday and have finally run out over the holiday weekend. It is so delicious and I get compliments constantly!I know how rare it is, but it’s truly become a staple for me!"


"Where can I get more DON?  I had a little sample and could not stop wearing it, so it's all used up!  I love it and so does everyone who's smelled it on me. . . . where do I send them all to get it?"

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