the team

Founder & CEO 
strangelove was founded in 2013 by Elizabeth Gaynes, who works closely with Creative Director Helena Christensen and Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel to tell love stories through the art of perfumery. Elizabeth first embarked on her journey into fragrance as a founder of GaiaOne, a company dedicated to developing sustainable farming practices for essential oils. It was through this work that she first discovered what would become the celebrated ingredient throughout strangelove's award-winning collection, oud. Elizabeth has three times been nominated for an FGI award for her work in fragrance and has been celebrated across the world through exclusive perfume launches and press in cities from New York, London and Paris to the Middle East. She aims to provoke and challenge wearers' understanding of fine fragrance while creating memories through scent that will last a lifetime.                                                                        

Creative Director
Universally regarded as one of the world's leading models, Helena Christensen has one of the most diverse and multifaceted careers in the business. As a photographer, entrepreneur, and environmental activist, Helena's career is without comparison. Accolades range from being on the front cover of Elle UK more than any other person, while her photographic work features at the United Nations in New York. As Creative Director at strangelove, Helena works closely with Elizabeth Gaynes to define strangelove's brand identity; she is instrumental in developing the romantic narratives that shape each fragrance within the collection and the unique presentation of the brand. Helena's natural appreciation for the rare and unusual make her an invaluable member of the team. 

Master Perfumer
Christophe Laudamiel is internationally recognized for pioneering the development of scent as the next frontier in contemporary art. He is widely acclaimed as the creator of some of the world's most renowned perfumes. His "Scent Opera" premiered at the Guggenheim in New York and Bilbao. He has created projects for the Davos World Economic Forum and the Royal Botanical Gardens, and presented at the Royal College of Art and University of Arts in Berlin. His work is also catalogued at Harvard and Columbia. Christophe's ability to push the boundaries of scent through his work with strangelove has been invaluable to defining the brand's daring spirit, catapulting the brand to the center of the fragrance industry's attention.

VP of Global Sales

Simone Wicker joined the strangelove team to represent the brand globally. A Fashion Institute of Technology graduate, she worked for Diane von Furstenberg while obtaining her degree. After moving to Paris to continue her studies in international business at École Supérieure de Publicité, Simone was exposed to haute parfumerie and rare ingredients and realized her calling was in the fragrance industry. Following her graduation, she returned to New York to work in global communications for Estée Lauder. After meeting Elizabeth in 2016, she was enamored by strangelove’s brand ethos and joined the team to launch in over 15 new doors worldwide. Her passion for connecting with new markets and sharing knowledge of niche fragrances has helped strangelove expand in cities across the world.

Director of Operations

Liz Schwartzberg has a bird's eye view of a wide array of aspects of strangelove's business, having worked closely with Elizabeth and the brand since its inception in 2014. After completing a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Johns Hopkins, Liz "fell in love" with strangelove after trying the early prototypes of deadofnight. In addition to overseeing a variety of strangelove's internal operations, Liz is a skilled writer, editor, and above all a team player who works closely with the rest of the team to ensure the brand's success on every level, whether it comes to working with vendors, retailers, customers or press.