about us

strangelove's beguiling fragrances provoke passion amongst all who experience them. deadofnight, meltmyheart, silencethesea, lostinflowers and fallintostars form strangelove’s celebrated collection of lush, sensual pure perfume oils and eaux de parfum. Combining the splendor of oud with other precious and sustainably sourced ingredients, these coveted fragrances have attracted a cult following for their originality. Their special alchemy creates an enduring and deeply personal effect.

Elizabeth Gaynes, founder of strangelove, works closely with creative director Helena Christensen and master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel to create strangelove's distinctive collection.

Elizabeth is also co-founder of GaiaOne, a company changing the way raw materials are sourced for fragrances. In partnership with one of the world’s leading fragrance development companies, it is collaborating with a 600-acre plantation in Southeast Asia dedicated to growing organic crops for essential oils. These plantations work to promote sustainable and transparent practices that help safeguard the region’s unique ecosystem. 

strangelove's perfumes encourage an intimate ritual that enhances one's appreciation of fragrance and its mystical allure.