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Oud is at the heart of all of strangelove’s perfumes. A rare aromatic wood resin, oud is harvested from agarwood of the aquilaria tree, a fast-growing evergreen tree found primarily in Southeast Asia. Agarwood is among the most expensive timbers in the world. In the Middle East and Asia, oud has been used for millennia in exquisite perfumes and incenses, traditionally given as precious gifts to loved ones. Oud has no parallel in the western world.

Authentic oud is increasingly expensive and difficult to source, as only an estimated two percent of agarwood trees produce this coveted resin. As the popularity of oud has risen, so too has the use of synthetic substitutions in commercial perfumery. Today, authentic oud can be found in only the most luxurious of fragrances.

From strangelove’s inception, we have honored the tradition of pure oud in our perfumes. As such, we only ever use genuine oud from sustainable suppliers, and every batch we procure undergoes rigorous quality control by our perfumer, Christophe Laudamiel. The nuanced woody scent of oud blends well with a variety of fragrance families, including florals, chyprés, orientals and fougères. Each of our fragrances contains two types of pure oud, adding richness and dimension to our perfumes, which are among the finest in the world.