I do love the Meltmyheart scent so much , I am using it up so fast ! Everyone asks me where I got this lovely perfume :)
L November 2021
Just wanted to let you know that we received the product a couple days again and I am IN LOVE with Dead of Night and Silence the Sea. Like dear lord. They are exhilarating and intoxicating fragrances! You've gained a customer for life :)
S & N October 2021

I am in love with my beloved SloveNYC parfums.
No words to express my happiness. Already using them. 
I was wondering about buying another 50 ml and the oíl of Silence the sea. 
Im feeling incomplete until I have the whole collection. 
Sincerely yours 
S October 2021

I literally bought silencethesea because of his
(@charlesgross) review! I just tried it for the
first time and.... I am blown away. It's the best
thing I have ever smelled in my entire life and the pure emotional reaction I've had to this is
JE September 2021

@charlesbgross I'm not a perfume kinda guy, but due to your TikTok I bought a small bottle of
silencethesea....it's like nothing I've ever smelled before. It's more intoxicating than I can describe and more complex
than I am able to verbalize. I'm officially going to have to get a second mortgage to afford
these scents. lol
JS September 2021

Hello! I have just received my tiny little bottle of melt my heart, & I just wanted to say that it is the most stunningly beautiful scent that I have
ever worn!! I also cannot get over that it took
only a week to arrive to me here! I brought this scent blindly after reading only
reviews …something of which I never do. I’ve also recently only just begun work again as a disability support worker after losing my previous job due to continuous covid lockdowns (which we are sadly still enduring😢)
This is the first little self gift that I have bought for myself in 2 years, & I’m absolutely in love! Thank you for making me feel all special,
girly & beautiful for the first time in a very
long time ♥️
JT August 2021

Wow, just wow. I got Melt my heart and silence the sea 50 ml bottle and dead of night 15 ml. I cannnot wait to get the 50 ml dead of night and Fall into stars bottles.I have no words to describe how amazing to me all the perfumes your company produces. It is really above and beyond the idea of perfumes to know strangelove nyc.I hope I soon will have the opportunity to get the rest of the collection 

SC July 2021

I’ve placed another order..I can’t stop, lol. These are too good. The oils are just amazing!! I also ordered the discovery kit. Excited to try the others. I think I’m getting a bit addicted to Strangelove 💕thanks much!

S June 17th 2021

"I have quite the vast collection of fragrances amassed over the years and I have to say that nothing has quite touched me as Strangelove has."

SR June 14th 2021

"P.S- I’ve never found a brand that matched my personality so much! Until Strangelove that is.

I’m so so utterly in love with all the fragrances and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. I will be in touch soon because I’m now beginning to love SilencetheSea. The dry down is out of this world. I put it on my inner right elbow as soon as it arrived today about 3 hrs ago and keep getting wafts of it. Funny how I thought it wouldn’t suit me because I thought it aquatic. But it is much more than that. It’s so alluring and sexy. I cannot stop sniffing my arm. So so addicting! I cannot wait to try the oils. I will message you in a weeks time to let you know how it goes. Thanks again dearest Elizabeth."


"I was wearing this beauty the other day when I was driving my 17 yr old daughter to work at 8am. After running around all day doing many different things my daughter was back home helping me with washing up at 8pm that night. I leaned past her to get something & she said ‘You smell really nice. I noticed it this morning but never got a chance to say anything but I can still smell it and it’s beautiful’. Moments like this is why I love strangelove...these compliments belong to you."


"Strangelove as a brand is what a true niche really is, I don’t like to use that word anymore as it’s so overused in this market that it became more like a trend and lost its true meaning.I was advised to sample lostinflowers and to not blind buy it, so when they had an offer in November decided to blind buy meltmyheart instead. However, after receiving a sample of lostinflowers I was literally rendered speechless it was so different and yet so beautiful. I kept thinking to myself how have they managed to create something so delicate and yet so powerful at the same time. It has some challenging notes to me such as tagete (marigold) and oud, it’s also metallic and a little medicinal. And yet I don’t mind it at all as what’s luring beneath is the most realistic white indolic floral bouquet. To me this scent is magical and one of the best discoveries in my fragrant journey. It was a gift to me from my mama and I would like to mention that I received it in two days all the from from NY to have it in time for Christmas. The service and personal care I received from the brand’s founder Elizabeth is simply outstanding. So I will repeat myself what I already mentioned in my stories, what I value about a brand is not just their scents, it’s also the people behind it. The service I received went above and beyond. I don’t like the word masterpiece, but for lostinflowers it’s fitting. Very niche and modern and yet beautiful and timeless with an identity of its own."


"I am blown away at the sheer high quality of these fragrances. Eye opening and stimulating scents. Sexy (MeltMyHeart )and evocative (SilenceTheSea). I love these and look forward to buying at least one full bottle in time. Again, thank you kindly for your professional correspondence and personal touch. You’re a superstar in my eyes. I love what you are doing with your company. Keep up the amazing work. Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas."

"Thank you so much! I must say I'm very impressed by your kindness. I'm a perfume addict and have in the last 13 years collected over 650 original full size perfume bottles from a wide range of houses such as Serge Lutens, Roja Dove, Guerlain, and also smaller companies. But no one comes near your customer service. Your generosity, tone, time to response etc is unmatched.
And I also love your perfumes :) Not unimportant in this case. Thanks again."


“I just saw the fabulous promotion you have going at the moment and purchased a 50 ml bottle of meltmyheart. I can't wait for it to arrive to NZ. I absolutely adore this fragrance and the bottles are stunning. Thanks again for the heads up, I'm letting everyone know about it. Have a great weekend :-) ”


"Don’t know whether to love you or hate you! It was Xmas in October getting that magnificent Strangelove package. I LOVE it. I am absolutely, and insanely hooked. And, I hate you because any other fragrance is useless - argh and I had just bought the extra big bottle of Carnal Flower.....you have created an absolutely goddess worthy scent. I just can’t find enough adjectives to describe it!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Xxooooo"


"Dear Elizabeth, what a delightful, sensual and enticing experience to smell your gorgeous perfumes! Your take on oud is heavenly! Such a depth and smoothness and joyfulness at the same time. Every fragrance tells us a unique story and I absolutely adore being part of it by wearing them."


"Let me tell you how much I love strangelove's lostinflowers: it was the ONLY perfume I chose to take with me to the Milan Exsence perfume expo last year. Surrounded by thousands of bottles of fine fragrance, Perfume Provocateur Christophe Laudamiel's extraordinary tribute to white florals garnered me so many compliments I stopped counting. I was wearing the perfume oil rather than the edp, and one drop of this potent concoction surrounds you in a “heaven-scent” mist of gardenia, champaca, and lily of the valley. Combining with the dusty straw-like element of marigold and the slightest skank and depth of oud, lostinflowers is an unforgettable and head-spinning magic carpet ride through a heavily-scented boudoir. Dazzling, hypnotic, and sexy as hell, lostinflowers is the sin qua non of white white floral perfumes."

R.H. Senior Editor, Cafleurebon

“Through another blog, I happened to find a website (luckyscent.com) that sent me a small sample vial of silencethesea eau de parfum for $10 and it was one of the most intoxicating and beautiful perfumes that I have ever smelled. I grew up in Egypt and it has the nostalgic depth of Middle Eastern perfumes. I look forward to trying all of your scents. Thank you for making something so beautiful. I look forward to the day when I own a large bottle of all the scents that you make. I'm hooked!”


"I’m completely lost in flowers with your gorgeous and feral perfume. I have also the three in mini oil form and I love them all, especially meltmyheart and deadofnight. I have been looking for a long time for a fragrance with a high amount of naturals that really touches my heart...thank you so much for creating such beautiful perfumes. Now I have to save for the 10 ml oil :) And thank you also for your great service, fast and free shipping!"


"Elizabeth, Thanks for the note. I have to say it has been quite a long road to choosing this scent in a way. As you may recall I was originally attracted by silencethesea as it was so different. I tried it at Harrods. I have always had a really difficult relationship with oud… I had a number of decent oils 15 or so years ago and never really got one I liked and then of course there was the trend for everyone to make oud and I found it such a dominant note that if it was present in a scent it kind of instantly made the perfume smell (to me) unoriginal - everything else in the scent played third fiddle to the oud… for that reason I really did not like it and had honestly never smelled an oud scent that I really liked. For example I went through the entire urban retreat perfume area at Harrods and was given at least 20 oud perfumes and did not change my opinion. I had been trying a few different things and then when I put on your deadofnight the other day randomly I was struck by it and how exotic and well blended and unique the oil was...for me it has been quite a turnaround…if you’d asked me if I’d ever buy an agarwood-dominant perfume a year ago, I would have said no."


"I purchased the perfume oil collection and have enjoyed having the variety of your fabulous combinations. I think that each of them is very special and it never fails that I receive compliments when I wear them. Please continue your fabulous creations, and I send my wishes for your continued success. I applaud your beautiful packaging and marketing materials, as well. My husband was CEO of an advertising agency for many years, and I have a strong appreciation for beautiful artwork."


"Just letting you know that I received the perfume yesterday and am in love!! I especially love the meltmyheart scent...SO GOOD and delicious, I want to lick my wrist!!! What voodoo magic have you done to make these scents!"


"The perfume smells heavenly! I can't stop smelling it."


"Thank you for the prompt response. I am very happy to hear it will be arriving Tuesday as I am leaving town for three weeks starting on Wednesday and cannot imagine not having it as I am completely out! I do love deadofnight immensely. So so many people stop me and ask me what I'm wearing - there is just nothing like it - at least not in Boise, Idaho...."


"I want you to know that I had the best dreams last night. I am convinced it’s because meltmyheart was still on the back of my hand…even after washing up—it lasted and lasted!!!!!! Obsessed!!!!!!!!!!!"


“I cannot say enough good things about both deadofnight and meltmyheart. I have been a collector of fragrances for a while moving from Chanel to Creed and then other oils and these two scents are off the chain. This might sound corny, but on days when I have felt particularly down I put on meltmyheart and it buoys my mood and spirit :-) not to mention the compliments. I just love them both so much! For sure, I'm a lifer of your brand. Just outstanding.”


“I received the order today when I came into work and I am truly blown away! I love both fragrances, and esp. deadofnight - I already know that it will become my new signature scent. I can't wait for the launch of silencethesea this summer! I am so excited and thrilled by this purchase. Thank you again.”


“I have purchased your deadofnight perfume before on a whim, and have fallen in love with the scent. I am very curious about your other scent, meltmyheart given my infatuation with oud and your intoxicating scent…”


“It's been a pleasure and honor meeting you and being introduced to your new niche company and line of fragrance which we both adored and sure that it will win a great success ... Many thanks to you and looking forward seeing you and rewarding myself buying more and more of your distinctive awesome fragrances…”


“The top notes provide me with an unfamiliar scent...it made me curiously continue to smell it in a positive way. I realize it was the violet leaf, which I am drawn to now. The heart, is extremely feminine with your jasmine and rose leading me to find this suitable for my fiancé. However, this quickly morphed into the incense, powdery scent of the base notes which I personally love on myself and on woman I find attractive. It has a mysterious and seductive aura. Your version is light enough to be worn during the day in summer and is still fitting for an evening out. It has been on my skin for 4 hours and it's lasting scent is absorbing. Usually i like my attars to last at least 8 hours. Yours with a lighter scent may not, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. An applause to you and your team, especially Christophe Laudamiel.”


“I have to say, since trying your deadofnight, I have yet to find ANY other oudh perfume that comes close to the complexity and allure of that scent…I have purchased your deadofnight perfume before on a whim, and have fallen in love with the scent…meltmyheart is wonderful and so complex - unlike anything else in my collection. And you're right.. it's a lot different from deadofnight as well! The night I met my boyfriend, I was wearing deadofnight. I can't wait to see what he says about this :) I'll be reordering when these 2 are empty.”


"Can’t wait to receive my deadofnight! I went fragrance shopping while I was there in NY and in my book, nothing could compare or beat it!! Please keep me informed of the new fragrances coming out. I’m really excited for them! Wishing you the best in all your endeavors!!"


"I just wanted to say that on a whim, I ordered deadofnight after reading a description in Lucky magazine. I knew I was taking a huge risk, ordering a perfume without even smelling it, but, after reading about it I had a strong hunch that it would be my new favorite, and I was SO RIGHT! I can't get enough of it, it is unlike anything else I have ever smelled, and I get unsolicited compliments on it ALL THE TIME! I almost hate to tell people what it is because I sort of want to keep the secret to myself, but on the other hand I love it too much not to share it with anyone and everyone who cares to know. I never ever write stuff like this, but the truth is that I never feel as strongly about a product as I do about this one. Thanks so so much!"


"I've always loved oud, just never on myself...your beautiful creation is glowing, translucent, luminous and addictive...I can't stop smelling my skin...I may look a bit weird the next few days!"


"I have been wearing your amazing oud everyday and have finally run out over the holiday weekend. It is so delicious and I get compliments constantly!I know how rare it is, but it’s truly become a staple for me!"


"Where can I get more deadofnight? I had a little sample and could not stop wearing it, so it's all used up! I love it and so does everyone who's smelled it on me. . . where do I send them all to get it?"


"I just received the package, the new scent is amazing. I feel the first dominating note is the jasmine, second is the gardenia. About the rest of the line, it is so special and one of a kind, all I can say is that "I am lostinflowers with a strangelove from NYC."


"I'm the sex columnist for the New York Observer. You gave me a sample of deadofnight and I'm absolutely obsessed. The first moment I put it on, it took me a second to understand it. It was sweet but foreign. But after wearing it for an hour or so I literally fell in love with it and didn't want to wear anything else. And then tragedy struck. I was getting ready for a date, a man that I wasn't even all that into, and I dropped the precious bottle and it spilled everywhere. Since then I have been reeling for some more and milking the last drops of a practically empty bottle. I'd love to add a bit about it in one of my future columns..."


"Thank you! By the way... I love it!! It's unique and smells terrific. :)

Everyone compliments me on it :)"


"That is one very cool blend! I envisioned lining up all the ingredients single file on a forest floor and making it into a stick of dynamite and the scent boomed into a bonfire for the initial impression! Bam! Echoing oud off the trees and dirt! Eventually, the floracy climbed out the ground burning long and slow, fragrant embers crackling on the skin. Very nice! Beautiful work Christophe!"


"The other night I was at an art opening in London. I'd dabbed some deadofnight behind my ears before I went out. Hours later I had two people approach me in the gallery (a man and a woman - one a stranger!) to ask what I was wearing. They were so entranced by the smell. :)"