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silencethesea 15 ml parfum

5 reviews
$235.00 USD
our bond will...silencethesea

silencethesea captures the intimacy of the lover's gaze: soundless, eternal, profound.

The pure ambergris in silencethesea is the foundation for an arousing, animalic fragrance distilled from marine mysteries and subterranean depths. This provocative formula achieves its leathery edge by incorporating black oud and blue chamomile; gentle notes of natural narcissus, tuberose absolute, and mimosa place silencethesea in a class by itself. Musk, white truffle and purifying angelica further invigorate this daring fragrance.

Wearing silencethesea is a modern olfactory adventure like none other, provoking a deeply primal, hypnotic effect.

Our 15 ml eau de parfum comes with a gold-tone cap.

SCENT: Ambergris is an alleged aphrodisiac; it is used as a fixative to help scents last much longer and its perfume can be best described as marine, animal and sweet.
ORIGIN/PRODUCTION: Ambergris is a secretion from sperm whales who secrete a waxy paste to protect themselves from digestive irritation; it obtains its odor when in contact with salt and sun. The longer it floats on the water’s surface, the softer its scent. It is the most costly of all raw materials, worth around 10 times the price of gold.

SCENT: Scent resembles dark green leaves with a touch of hyacinth and jasmine
ORIGIN/PRODUCTION: Narcissus comes from the amaryllis family (along with Daffodils)

SCENT: Has a fresh, almost citrus-like aspect which counterparts a pronounced warm, woody, dominant theme
ORIGIN/PRODUCTION: Frankincense absolute is obtained from Boswellia trees, native to the Arabian peninsula & northeastern Africa

DISCLAIMER: Due to the use of natural oils, absolutes, and essences in strangelove’s perfumes, it is not uncommon for sediment or darkening to appear in your perfume. Over time, a perfume is subject to disintegration and oxidation of the natural ingredients in particular and sometimes, the alcohol can cause evaporation as well. These are normal occurrences for natural perfumes, similar to natural teas and wines.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
From the depths of the Ocean

I'd say this is the most polarizing perfume I own. Not for me, I love it. I like sharing it with people only to observe their reactions. It's a natural Ambergris perfume that smells vividly of the Ocean. The reason why it's so polarizing is because of how accurately it captures that smell. It's not intended to be pretty but rather evocative. It's a marvelous achievement. It is daunting, yet it has a sexual power to it that can't be denied. A mischievous scent.The ambergris is always present right from the get-go. Earthy, aromatic, and floral elements orbit around it. The truffle helps with the earthy-like facets, the angelica and chamomile provide a slightly aromatic touch. There's also a seaweed smell and an undeniable metallic facet to it. It almost makes me think of fresh blood. And it can be too much at times. However, the longer it blends with your skin, the warmer and silkier it becomes. It is one of those perfumes that when you smell close up the skin, it can be too much, yet it radiates beautifully in the air. After it calms down, the strong oceanic smell lingers on. Imagine swimming around a wooden platform out in the open waters, resting on the wooden pillars occasionally to catch your breath, or swimming around a boat at sea. You get that smell of damp wood, iodine, seaweed, crustaceans, and much more. Brutally accurate, raw, unapologetic. A bold perfume, a call from the depths, for the Sea Wolf inside you.

The sea in its rawest form

To our noses this perfume is the representation of the sea in its rawest form. A salty and warm blend of pure ambergris and other naturals that can feel incredibly animalic at times. If you like to walk by the sea shore at the sunset while looking the algae dancing as they dry and complete their life cycle, feeling the warm rocks under your feet as they are washed by the salty water with that warm breeze hitting your face and skin, then look no further, because that is exactly what we get with Silence the Sea. It doesn't matter if winter or summer, or if you are in the city or the countryside, just one spray of this perfume and vou will be taken to that scenario in a second, it is THAT realistic.

Scent: 9/10
Longevity: 10/10
Sillage: 10/10
Bottle: 9/10

Ever so appealing!

Silence the Sea is one of those perfumes that you won’t find anywhere else. I know I’ve never smelt anything similar. An earthy woody and slightly animalic Oud at the centre, surrounded by fresh, spicy, aromatic, and sweet florals. Some ambergris to give it that salty sea water, next to the beach aroma, whilst truffle infects the whole composition giving it a gourmand side that isn’t exactly sweet to the nose but ever so appealing!



One of the most intoxicating and beautiful perfumes

Through another blog, I happened to find a website ( that sent me a small sample vial of silencethesea eau de parfum for $10 and it was one of the most intoxicating and beautiful perfumes that I have ever smelled. I grew up in Egypt and it has the nostalgic depth of Middle Eastern perfumes. I look forward to trying all of your scents. Thank you for making something so beautiful. I look forward to the day when I own a large bottle of all the scents that you make. I'm hooked!