we all begin as strangers


Love Letters

“I received the order today when I came into work and I am truly blown away!  I love both fragrances, and esp. deadofnight - I already know that it will become my new signature scent. I can't wait for the launch of silencethesea this summer! I am so excited and thrilled by this purchase. Thank you again.”


“I have purchased your deadofnight perfume before on a whim, and have fallen in love with the scent. I am very curious about your other scent, meltmyheart given my infatuation with oud and your intoxicating scent…”


“It's been a pleasure and honor meeting you and being introduced to your new niche company and line of fragrance which we both adored and sure that it will win a great success ... Many thanks to you and looking forward seeing you and rewarding myself buying more and more of your distinctive awesome fragrances…”