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Love Letters

"Thank you so much! I must say I´m very impressed by your kindness. I'm a perfume addict and have in the last 13 years collected over 650 original full size perfume bottles from a wide range of houses such as Serge Lutens, Roja Dove, Guerlain, and also smaller companies. But no one comes near your customer service. Your generosity, tone, time to response etc is unmatched.
And I also love your perfumes :) Not unimportant in this case.
Thanks again."

P. // 12.2020

“I just saw the fabulous promotion you have going at the moment and purchased a 50 ml bottle of meltmyheart.
I can't wait for it to arrive to NZ. I absolutely adore this fragrance and the bottles are stunning.
Thanks again for the heads up, I'm letting everyone know about it. 
Have a great weekend :-) ”

G. // 11.2020

I am blown away at the sheer high quality of these fragrances. Eye opening and stimulating scents. Sexy (MeltMyHeart )and evocative (SilenceTheSea). I love these and look forward to buying at least one full bottle in time. Again, thank you kindly for your professional correspondence and personal touch. You’re a superstar in my eyes. I love what you are doing with your company. Keep up the amazing work. Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas.   


A // 11.2020