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we all begin as strangers


Love Letters

“Trust me. I am insanely in love. Yes Love at first sight/sniff. This scent jewel got me forever. What you banalize calling scent of the day, it’s becoming a lifetime fragrance. It’s because of you, dear Elizabeth, dear Helena, you put such a whole new universe in these scents, you depict a new meaning of desire and the sentence “wear a fragrance” is now more than the real thing. Perfume cannot be “fashionable” when it’s a soul emanation, emotion, dream, memory, intended to last over time and space. The most coveted scented necklace by strangelove and the gorgeous Christophe Laudamiel fragrance, meltmyheart is proudly, joyfully, by my side and it’s a major pleasure! Crafted in 24k gold plated the pendant holds the precious perfume oil, and is held on 24” or 38” chain. Constant craving!”


“Let it melt the ice, let it melt your senses, let it melt your soul, let it melt your heart. A unique and
majestic perfume composed by a mixture of delicate notes with powerful ones that reads on the skin as a
dangerous treat. It’s like a dream come true thanks to the magical liquid inside. There aren’t words to
describe this superlative, rich, and full of personality scent.”


“Even among niche houses, there are those who are more niche. And strangelove are about as niche as it gets! Released in 2019, fallintostars is the latest fragrance from this New York based fragrance house. Upon first sniff, it’s easy to tell that fallintostars comes loaded with high quality ingredients at high concentrations. This is an oud fragrance at heart, and the oud is beautifully backed by woods, spices and some faint florals. Notes are: narcissus, pink pepper, ginger, bergamot, saffron, rose, henna, oud, rosewood balsam, and benzoin. The opening hits you smack in the face with all the notes screaming for attention. After the 30 minute mark is where the magic happens. When the scent dries down it becomes much smoother and more balanced. In this stage it really shines as dark, mysterious and passionate. Like all the strangelove fragrances, fallintostars is a fragrance that you wear more for yourself than the people next to you. If you are looking for artistic fragrances of the highest quality, look no further”