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we all begin as strangers


Love Letters

"I have always had a really difficult relationship with oud… for example I went through the entire urban retreat perfume area at Harrods and was given at least 20 oud perfumes and did not change my opinion. I had been trying a few different things and then when I put on your deadofnight the other day randomly I was struck by it and how exotic and well blended and unique the oil was...for me it has been quite a turnaround…if you’d asked me if I’d ever buy an agarwood-dominant perfume a year ago, I would have said no."


“I have to say, since trying your deadofnight, I have yet to find ANY other oudh perfume that comes close to the complexity and allure of that scent…I have purchased your deadofnight perfume before on a whim, and have fallen in love with the scent…meltmyheart is wonderful and so complex - unlike anything else in my collection. And you're right.. it's a lot different from deadofnight as well! The night I met my boyfriend, I was wearing deadofnight. I can't wait to see what he says about this :) I'll be reordering when these 2 are empty.”


"Let me tell you how much I love strangelove's lostinflowers: it was the ONLY perfume I chose to take with me to the Milan Exsence perfume expo last year. Surrounded by thousands of bottles of fine fragrance, Perfume Provocateur Christophe Laudamiel's extraordinary tribute to white florals garnered me so many compliments I stopped counting...one drop of this potent concoction surrounds you in a “heaven-scent” mist of gardenia, champaca, and lily of the valley. Combining with the dusty straw-like element of marigold and the slightest skank and depth of oud, lostinflowers is an unforgettable and head-spinning magic carpet ride through a heavily-scented boudoir. Dazzling, hypnotic, and sexy as hell, lostinflowers is the sin qua non of white white floral perfumes." 

Robert Herrmann, Senior Editor, Cafleurbon