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deadofnight 15 ml parfum

4 reviews
$235.00 USD
...there’s always a deep breath before a plunge into the deadofnight

deadofnight empowers its devotées to take risks and dive into their desires. It is imbued with the seductive power of oud, a precious aromatic wood resin. Coveted, rare, and requiring careful precision to source sustainably—oud has been prized for centuries for its deeply complex scent and aphrodisiac effect.

This compelling fragrance is balanced with the serenity of Damask rose, natural violet leaves, vanilla balsam, and the nuanced warmth of sandalwood, amber and musk. The result is an addictive potion with a lingering sensuality.

The first fragrance created by strangelove, deadofnight is adored, sparking intrigue amongst all who experience it. 

Our 15 ml eau de parfum comes with a gold-tone cap.

SCENT: Creamy, spicy, woody, warm, smooth and sweet smell; slightly powdery; legendary for its lingering quality. Sandalwood smells very exotic, comforting, and meditative.
ORIGIN/PRODUCTION: Sandalwood used in perfumery is the dark heartwood. Has been used longer than almost any other ingredient in perfumery.

SCENT: Rich, sensual, narcotic floral. In perfumery, it's a very versatile scent and works with a lot of notes.
ORIGIN/PRODUCTION: Has the unusual quality of producing oil up to 3 days after it has been picked. One of the last materials still treated by Enfleurage. One of the most expensive materials in perfumery.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the use of natural oils, absolutes, and essences in strangelove’s perfumes, it is not uncommon for sediment or darkening to appear in your perfume. Over time, a perfume is subject to disintegration and oxidation of the natural ingredients in particular and sometimes, the alcohol can cause evaporation as well. These are normal occurrences for natural perfumes, similar to natural teas and wines.

SCENT: Rich, fruity, warm, narcotic, sensual and animalic floral
ORIGIN/PRODUCTION: Takes five million blossoms (hand picked) to produce a kilo of Jasmine Absolute. When first introduced in the mid-sixteenth century, it was known as “the flower”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
oud is the star of the show

Blind buying at this price point is risky business, but Dead of Night was a love at first sniff. Oud is the star of the show. I can see it being off putting to some noses as it is a little bold, but I find nothing remotely scary here. When the florals begin to emerge as it dries, slightly damp from the violet leaves, the whole thing becomes alive. As it evolves, the experience is heightened with vanillic warmth and a musk sandalwood backdrop. The oud remains present, and at the forefront, throughout it's life. I love this fragrance from top to bottom, but feel words can't describe how wonderful this smells. The transitions are flawless. Classy. Sophisticated.
Luxurious. Perfect.

sexy & playful

They are three ouds, Borneo, Cambodja and Thailand masterfully mixed, with a heart of rose and white flowers, all this holding with a wonderful sandalwood scent, making it a sexy and playful scent.
Excessively high price, it is a good reason to try before you buy, it will surely be one of the fragrances without middle ground that you love or hate.

Small but Mighty

The oud here is prominently tangy and slightly fermented. But it doesn’t go overboard or particularly salacious. It is kept in check by the rich ambery white florals. During my first few wearings, I didn’t think this was as potent as Fall Into Stars, but after trying it a few more times, I stand corrected. I’m gonna cherish this small but mighty golden juice.

the best ever...

deadofnight is the sexiest perfume I've ever worn. great for date nights or just anytime you want to head out on the town! So addictive and so many compliments :)