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deadofnight all over oil

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$235.00 USD

deadofnight all over oil is a blend of high-performing botanical oils scented with strangelove’s original perfume, a compelling blend of genuine oud, Damask rose, violet leaves, vanilla balsam, and the nuanced warmth of sandalwood and amber. This lightweight dry oil is formulated with youth-preserving ingredients to firm and hydrate the skin as well as add luster and antioxidants to hair. 

Imbued with the rejuvenating power of oud, deadofnight all over oil also contains jojoba oil to improve skin and hair texture, healing sunflower seed oil, softening sweet almond, and ultra-nourishing argan oil for maximum radiance.

Gently massage onto skin, face, and hair for a luxurious, velvety finish.

SCENT: Creamy, spicy, woody, warm, smooth and sweet smell; slightly powdery; legendary for its lingering quality. Sandalwood smells very exotic, comforting, and meditative.
ORIGIN/PRODUCTION: Sandalwood used in perfumery is the dark heartwood. Has been used longer than almost any other ingredient in perfumery.

SCENT: Rich, sensual, narcotic floral. In perfumery, it's a very versatile scent and works with a lot of notes.
ORIGIN/PRODUCTION: Has the unusual quality of producing oil up to 3 days after it has been picked. One of the last materials still treated by Enfleurage. One of the most expensive materials in perfumery.

SCENT: Rich, fruity, warm, narcotic, sensual and animalic floral
ORIGIN/PRODUCTION: Takes five million blossoms (hand picked) to produce a kilo of Jasmine Absolute. When first introduced in the mid-sixteenth century, it was known as “the flower”

Jojoba oil, Sunflowerseed oil, Argan oil, Almond Oil

DISCLAIMER: Due to the use of natural oils, absolutes, and essences in strangelove’s perfumes, it is not uncommon for sediment or darkening to appear in your perfume. Over time, a perfume is subject to disintegration and oxidation of the natural ingredients in particular and sometimes, the alcohol can cause evaporation as well. These are normal occurrences for natural perfumes, similar to natural teas and wines.

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Customer Reviews

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All over oil

Dear Elizabeth

What can I say except you're a special lady who as great imagination to produce Dead Of Night all over oil.

I've been wearing the oil for a few days now and took it to work and let some of my colleagues try it out for feedback at the hospital i work at, also my partner and there's not been one person who didn't like it in fact they all asked where to purchase it from.

Its sensational, its luxurious, its magical and I can't not believe you've created this, I'm over the moon I've had over 45 people try this at work and it's amazing, never have i ever had feedback like this before.

I cannot thankyou you enough, I'm one huge fan of all your work, I'm in shock with this innovating product

You made a huge fan so happy i can't tell you how much, you are so amazing and I'm such a Strangelove girl, this oil is like gold dust to me honestly.