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lostinflowers 15 ml parfum

2 reviews
$235.00 USD
you found me...lostinflowers

lostinflowers evokes the thrill of new love, capturing that electric moment of discovery when two destined wanderers finally collide: lost in time, lost in romance, lostinflowers. This compelling scent is ethereal and profound, filled with intoxicating joy of pure floral essences. An innocent yet powerful blend, lostinflowers combines the gentle purity of jasmine, the euphoria of champaca, the alluring power of gardenia enfleurage, the striking richness of saffron, and the deep magnetism of rare oud.

lostinflowers awakens the free-spirited passion that lives within us all.
Our 15 ml eau de parfum comes with a gold-tone cap.

SCENT: Sweet, warm, sensual, with an almost woody undertone.
Known to be a “joy oil” and natural mood enhancer
Obtained from the flowers of the Michelia champaca tree, which is a Magnolia grown in Asia. The tree flowers once during the monsoon and then again in the Spring, producing a powerful odor.

SCENT: Sweet, heady floral fragrance
ORIGIN/PRODUCTION: The enfleurage technique of distillation is barely used anymore as it’s tremendously labor intensive, but make the scent unbelievably rich and intense. It is an intensive process and requires several pounds of gardenia petals per ml of oil.

SCENT: Earthy, damp, animalic, leather-like -- antithesis of floral notes
Key component of classical Chypré and Fougères structures
ORIGIN/PRODUCTION: Tree lichen. Known as “Mousse de Chêne” in French

DISCLAIMER: Due to the use of natural oils, absolutes, and essences in strangelove’s perfumes, it is not uncommon for sediment or darkening to appear in your perfume. Over time, a perfume is subject to disintegration and oxidation of the natural ingredients in particular and sometimes, the alcohol can cause evaporation as well. These are normal occurrences for natural perfumes, similar to natural teas and wines.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sensual but raw

Lost In Flowers is a very realistic chypre style composition of fresh picked flowers, very true to nature. Sensual but also raw Lily-of-the-Valley and jasmine interpretation with hints of nectary champaca, gardenia with a slightly spicy touch of saffron and cardamom. All this flowery part is settled on a dense and enveloping bed of Hindi Oud, patchouli, sandalwood, oakmoss and musk. This subtle but still well present note of dark natural Oud is what I particularly love in this splendid composition.

Strangelove as a brand is what a true niche really is

Strangelove as a brand is what a true niche really is, I don’t like to use that word anymore as it’s so overused in this market that it became more like a trend and lost its true meaning.I was advised to sample lostinflowers and to not blind buy it, so when they had an offer in November decided to blind buy meltmyheart instead. However, after receiving a sample of lostinflowers I was literally rendered speechless it was so different and yet so beautiful. I kept thinking to myself how have they managed to create something so delicate and yet so powerful at the same time. It has some challenging notes to me such as tagete (marigold) and oud, it’s also metallic and a little medicinal. And yet I don’t mind it at all as what’s luring beneath is the most realistic white indolic floral bouquet. To me this scent is magical and one of the best discoveries in my fragrant journey. It was a gift to me from my mama and I would like to mention that I received it in two days all the way from NY to have it in time for Christmas. The service and personal care I received from the brand’s founder Elizabeth is simply outstanding. So I will repeat myself what I already mentioned in my stories, what I value about a brand is not just their scents, it’s also the people behind it. The service I received went above and beyond.

I don’t like the word masterpiece, but for lostinflowers it’s fitting. Very niche and modern and yet beautiful and timeless with an identity of its own.